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Camila Duarte Ritter

Research Collaborator

Instituto Juruá

She is a collaborator in the ABC Expeditions project, in the field of soil microbiology.

Camila Duarte Ritter holds a degree in Biological Sciences from the Federal University of Santa Maria (2009), a Master's degree in Ecology from the National Institute for Amazon Research - INPA (2011) and a PhD in Biological and Environmental Sciences, from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden (2018). With a focus on Amazonian ecology, she did her Master's on the impact of fires on birds in seasonally flooded forest ecosystems. During this time, she gained experience with different flooded ecosystems in the Amazon and also experience in organizing fieldwork. After her Master’s, she worked as a research assistant in a project on phylogeography of Elaenia ruficeps (Aves, Tyrannidae) from open natural areas of the Amazon, which provided experience with other Amazonian ecosystems. Her responsibility was to conduct phylogenetic and landscape genetic analyses of E. ruficeps. He also worked at the Field Museum, Chicago in 2013 for five months developing microsatellites for E. ruficeps and Xenopipo atronitens (Aves, Pipridae). He did his PhD at the University of Gothenburg, where he worked on the hidden diversity of the Amazon using environmental DNA. The aim of the project was to quantify the diversity of the Amazon using soil, litter and insect samples and to compare Amazonian ecosystem types: seasonally flooded forests called várzeas and igapós, non-flooded forests called terra firme and naturally open areas called campinas. She is currently a Humboldt fellow at the University of Duisburg-Essen, working on ecological networks.

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