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Hanna Tuomisto

Research Collaborator

University of Turku

She is a collaborator in the ABC Expeditions project, in the field of botany.

Hanna Tuomisto is broadly interested in ecology, evolution and biogeography, especially in and around the rain forests of Amazonia. She is currently leading the Amazon Research Team, which is a group of researchers with a wide variety of interests, and aims that include (but are not limited to) clarifying species-environment relationships, drivers of variation in species composition, broad-scale compositional patterns and the evolutionary origin of Amazonian biodiversity. She uses indicator plant groups and remotely sensed data (satellite and radar images) as indicators of general floristic and edaphic patterns, and also works on taxonomy, evolutionary history and biogeography. Her pet group is ferns, but she also works on Melastomataceae plants and Ichneumonidae wasps. Her theoretical interests relate to diversity (especially beta diversity and the numerous concepts associated with it) and the analytical methods available to address questions related to species diversity and turnover.

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